Gbadebo, O.M (Mrs)

Head of Department

Akanji, F.M (Mrs.)

Aluya, M.E

Ogbucluekwe, M.O (Mrs)

Mayowa, J.A

Ijeoma, E.N (Mrs)

James, O.J

David-Udobia, E. (Miss.)

Akingbade, A.E

Ekwenam, C.I

Oke, O.R

Etuk, E

Abiodun, O.D

Odulaja, A.R

Taiwo, J.O

Uwaechue, A.O

Akpojotor, F.O

Fajolu, ED


Akerele (Mrs)

Head of Department

Neboh (Mrs.)

Amusan (Mrs)

Ogunsanya (Mrs)

Ogbara (Mr)

Adeyemo (Mr)

Olowu (Miss)

Nwagwu (Miss.)

Ogunmoroti (Mr)

Fatimehin (Mr)

Ogunremi (Mrs)

Uche-Okafor (Mrs)

Alifa (Mrs)

Cole (Mrs)

Ajayi, F.A (Mrs)

Emenike (Mrs)

Chukwuka (Mrs)

Ayanlaja (Mr)

Egbuniwe (Miss)

Fatoki (Mr)

Gbenle (Mrs)

Hassan (Mr)

Ajayi, T.A (Mrs)

Aniekwe (Mrs)

Adewale, Akande (Mrs)

Omoikhefe (Mr)


Oyebanji, A.L (Mr)

Head of Department

Ogunyinka, J.A (Mr)

Makinde, B. (Mr)

Onyekonwu (Mrs)

 Obot, N. (Mrs)

Osuagwu, C. (Miss)


Science, as it is popularly known, is the bedrock of all knowledge. This great citadel believes that science is the systematic organized body of knowledge on a particular subject. We believe that the students must be involved in the theoretical and practical aspect of science which is why our laboratories are well and fully equipped with sophisticated apparatus and gadgets which can facilitate easy learning and enhance critical learning and studying ability of students in all categories across board. The laboratories are furnished with interactive boards, effective overhead projectors, incubators, autoclaves, glassware apparatus , WAEC standard practical items and renowned teaching aid that greatly assist in the academy pursuit of our students. The subjects under the department are; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural science, Computer Studies, Information Communication Technology, and Mathematics. The possible courses that can be studied in the university having passed through the department in this school are; Medicine, Pharmacy, Agricultural extension, Physics, Computer science, Biology, etc.


The school has a very vibrant, efficient and effective humanities department which others see as Arts department. Humanity believes in the moral and societal wellbeing of the student, therefore subject that would enhance that are taught under the department. The department is furnished with an effective language laboratory which is effective for language subjects like French, Yoruba and Igbo. The department is also furnished with a great music room where students come to practice with diverse kind of musical instruments, a beautiful art studio for the Cultural and creative Arts. The subjects taken under this department are as follow: English language, Christian Religion Knowledge, Economics, Yoruba language, Geography, Cultural and creative art, Literature in English, Government, French language, Igbo language, Security education, Music and Social studies. The possible courses that may be studied in the university going through this department in this school are; Law, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, History, English language, Theatre Arts, Music, Linguistics, Visual arts, International relations, Foreign language, etc.


This department covers both the junior and the senior students. Under the junior section they offer business studies, which is an integrated part of all the subjects in the senior section. The senior section has subjects like Commerce, Financial Accounting, Book Keeping, Office practice, Marketing.

While business studies expose student, in the junior level, to the rudiments of business, Financial Accounting expose students on how to keep financial records. Commerce expose students to all commercial activities like banking activities, stock exchange, and so on, office practice teaches students what is attainable in an office setting. It teaches what is expected in an office. Marketing exposes students to advertisement which is the creation of awareness of goods and services in the society. Book keeping teaches students how to keep financial records. The possible courses to study in the university having gone through this department are; Accounting, Actuarial science, marketing, Business Administration, Auditing, etc.


In this era of technological development in the world, this great citadel of learning does not relent efforts in producing students that will meet the demands of the society at large. Hence, the teaching and learning of technological oriented subjects are geared towards adding value to lives and equip the students with necessary skills for modern living.

The ultimate aim of this great department is to keep the students fully integrated member of the community. The department offers subjects like; Home Economics, Food and Nutrition, Catering and Craft, Basic Technology, Technical drawing, Metal works, Furniture Making and Wood work. The department has helped in the growth of the school by producing students with distinction at the JSCE and SSCE levels. The department also registers students for National Business and Technical Examinatin (NABTEB). As a form of practical, the students also support to carry out repairs in the school as directed by the teachers in charge.


Rev’d Olubusola Sunday Sofekun (JP)


Mr Ebhodaghe Julius


Mr Olayinka Alagbala


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